The Santa Catarina’s geographical diversity is amazing for an area of 59.3 thousand miles – approximately the same size as Austria. A short trip is enough to enjoy radical weather changes, accents, and culture. With different attractive and easy options, the state has a strong tourism vocation, or nature adventures, such as surf, trekking, hiking, and sailing. Santa Catarina is so diverse, rich and amazing, that seems to have it all: from snow to beaches, rural tourism, business, Bolshoi Theater School to Beto Carrero`s World Theme Park, German and Italian typical food.

Santa Catarina is located at the South of Brazil, right in the geographic center of the most developed economic region, South and East, and in a Mercosul strategic position. The state is a border with Argentina in the West region. Apart from beaches and mountains, Santa Catarina has the 2nd biggest beer festival in the World (Oktoberfest in Blumenau city). Find the beauty with all the European immigrants, such as the rich German and Italian colonization. Santa Catarina is also known as “Little Italy” due to the fact that Italians represent 65% of the state’s population, where you can taste a good wine, buy some homemade products and listen to traditional songs. These are some characteristics that many visitors find in Santa Catarina.

JOINVILLE is the largest (>600,000 inhabitants) and the most industrialized city in the state of Santa Catarina, which was founded in 1851. It holds the first place in the state’s GDP ranking (> USD 4,000). The city is known by their important parties, Flowers Party and Dance Worldwide Festival. The city offers more than 5,500 beds spread over the many hotels, but also has modern shopping malls, commercial galleries, movie theaters, bars, lots of nightclubs. Geographically, it is located at the North of the State, having at one side, the Ocean’s mountains, and its riches enchantments, and in the other one, the captivating magic from the beautiful beaches of Santa Catarina state. It’s surrounded by the Babitonga’s Bay, main estuary area from the State. It’s more than 99 miles, 83 islands and a large area of “mangrove” that occupies more 1/3 from the area. The city can be accessed by car, bus (coach) or airplane (Lauro Carneiro de Loyola’ Airport), which is 12 minutes (6.2 miles) by car from downtown and main hotels. Joinville is 3 hours by plane from Buenos Aires, 45 minutes from São Paulo, 2 hours from Rio and 3 hours from Brasília.

Main local tourist attractions:

  • BOLSHOI THEATER SCHOOL: The Russian Ballet School presents the sophistication of an international institution geared towards professional dancing. Visits should be booked in advance. For information at
  • ZOOBOTANICAL PARK: 40 thousand m2 of natural and preserved tropical forest. The park has a zoological garden, trails and children’s park. The access leads to a viewpoint – Mirante – a top of the Boa Vista Hill of 250 meters high. It opens from Tuesday to Sunday (8:00 to 18:00)
  • PRÍNCIPE DE JOINVILLE’ BOAT: Vessel for 350 passengers. It has glass windows, swimming pool, restaurant, kitchen, and bars. Lively crossings take place between Joinville and São Francisco do Sul, in the Babitonga`s Bay. The boat can be booked for events onboard. More information at
  • GLORIA VILLAGE: It is across the Babitonga Bay, offering the best seafood restaurants in the region. The visitors are attracted by the ecological trails and comfortable bed-and-breakfast accommodation.
  • WATERFALL ROUTE: There are 14 waterfalls and access trails, parking, restaurant, camping area and chalets (under reservation). Address: Rio Novo Alto. Access: BR-280 and Roberto Seidel Street or Francisco Mees Street.
  • BETO CARRERO WORLD THEME PARK: Beto Carrero World is the largest theme park in Latin America; The surprising diversity of attractions and thrill visitors of all ages. A magnificent spectacle, a beautiful zoo, incredible toys and extreme adventures for kids of all ages. The park is located 42 miles from Joinville. More information at

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