The XVII International Conference on Electrical Bioimpedance (ICEBI) is the most important platform for presenting recent scientific achievements in the area of electrical bioimpedance. It’s an exciting time for Bioimpedance as we continue to grow and adapt, remaining always adaptable, motivated and responsive. Our organization is confronting a time of many advances in technology and we’re meeting these advances during a time of larger nation-wide and global change. The world of Bioimpedance is an exciting area in which to work/study/play, and we’ll continue to meet and bring inspired people together in forums like this, to ensure our research community remains at the cutting edge.



This brief history of the International Conference on Electrical Bio-Impedance was recopilated with the main contributions of Dr. Dennis Smith and Dr. Jacques Jossinet.

1969 – The first ICEBI was held in the USA Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 1969. The Proceedings consist of a volume of the Annals of the New-York Academy of Sciences in July 1970. No Committee is mentionned in this book. This book can be bought from the Publication Department of the New-York Academy of Sciences (address on the book, may be obsolete): The New-York Academy of Sciences 2 East Sixty-Third Street, New-York, NY 10021. The ICEBI Proceedings form the volume 170, Article 2, pages 407-836. The Editor is Simon E. Markowich who was the Conference Chairman.

1976 – The second ICEBI was organised in Lyon in 1976 by C. Fourcade, ( dead in 1981). The Proceedings, of 363 pages, are entitled “Advances in Bioelectrical Impedance Measurements”. There is no official source to get these Proceedings from, except the issues in the libraries of the participants. There is no mention of any International Committee

1981 – The Proceedings of 5th ICEBI in Tokyo mentions only an Organizing Committee and a Program Committee with members from various countries. The constitution of an International Committee for the Promotion of Research in Bio-Impedance was proposed during the Tokyo Conference

1983 – The International Committe was definitively confirmed when published in the Proceedings of the Zadar Conference, which were printed before the Conference

1987 – The conference was held in Klagenfurt (Austria), chaired by prof. Gunter Lanner

1992 – Tapani Lahtinen was the chairman of the conference (VIII ICEBI). The mission statement and committe rules are approved during the committe meeting. By following the just’approved rules Prof. Eberhard Gersing is elected new chairman of the Committe and Tapani Lahtinen vice-chairman. There are publised procedings.

1995 – The IX ICEBI was held in Heidelberg, in conjuntion with the last meeting of the 2nd. European Concerted Action in Impedance Tomography (CAIT). There are published proceedings and a selection of the communications of the CAIT were published in a special issue of Physiological Measurement, in 1996

1998 – Pere J Riu was the Chairman of the the X ICEBI, held in Barcelona in April 1998. There are published proceedings and a selection of the papers were published in a volume of the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, in 1999

2001 – The XI ICEBI was held in Oslo. The Chairman of the Conference was Prof. Sverre Grimnes. There are published proceedings. The First H.P. Schwan Award was presented to Prof. Ronald Pethig. The Committee decided to look forward the constitution of a formal Society and an Executive Committee was elected to pursue this task.

2004 – The XII ICEBI and EIT Workshop joint meeting was held in Gdansk, organized by Prof. Antoni Nowakowski. The second H.P. Schwan Award was presented to Prof. Brian Brown.

2007 – The XIII ICEBI and VIII EIT conference was held in Graz, Austria, organized by Prof. Hermann Scharfetter. The third H.P. Schwan Award was presented to prof. Eberhart Gersing.

2010 – The XIV ICEBI and XI EIT conference was held in Gainesvill, Florida, organized by Prof. Rosalind Sadleir. Thefourth   H.P.SchwanAwardwas presentedto Prof. Sverre Grimnes.

2013 – The XV ICEBI and XIV EIT conference was held in Heilbad Heiligenstadt, Germany, organized by Prof. Uwe Pliquett. The fifth H.P. Schwan award was presented to Prof. David Holder.

2016 – The XVI ICEBI and XVII EIT was held in Stockholm, hosted ny Stig Ollmar. The sixth H.P. Schwan award was presented to Dr. Jan H. Meijer